Polk County Fast Facts

  • 55.9%
    of population is of
    working age


  • 42,960

  • labor force of
    within a 45-minute
    drive time


  • population
    projected to grow
    by 2027


  • 42.7%
    of area residents have
    college experience


  • Education

    The Polk School District educates approximately 7,200 students in grades K-12 in classrooms equipped with the latest technology. The area is committed to developing the next work-ready generation through the Polk County College and Career Academy, which trains high school students for in-demand jobs and career readiness.

  • Industry

    Polk County has been a preferred location for manufacturers for more than a century. While the products have changed and diversified over the years, the area’s business-friendly attitude, dedicated workforce, and talent pipeline continue to contribute to the success of the county’s present manufacturing base.

  • Lifestyle

    There are so many assets that make Polk County a great place to live, work, play and raise a family. From excellent education institutions and numerous healthcare providers, to vibrant community arts and boundless recreation, find out what living in Polk is all about.

About DAPC

The Development Authority of Polk County (DAPC) is an independent agency charged with economic development for Polk County, providing a point of contact for industry looking to relocate or expand within the footprint of Polk County. Our state-of-the-art resources provide prospects, developers, brokers, property and business owners with detailed information about specific parcels and available land, industrial and commercial space. Our mission is to bring quality jobs and opportunities for the citizens of Polk County through continued growth in new and existing industry and the redevelopment of areas of commercial blight or underuse.

The DAPC provides:
  • Demographics and Community Information
  • Confidential Site Selection & Marketing Service
  • Fast Track Permitting
  • Program Financing and Incentives
  • Government Liaison Services
  • Zoning Information
  • Residential and Commercial Building Trends

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Our Location

The Development Authority of Polk County can help you target the perfect site or building for your business, providing excellent access to cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga or states like Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and beyond.

Location map

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