Rome Hwy, Cedartown, GA 30125
69 Acres

Narrender Reddy Property


Chris Thomas
Development Authority of Polk County


Total Acres: 69
Remaining Acres: 69
Largest Tract: 69
Zoning: Industrial
Sale or Lease: Sale
GRAD Site: No
Former Use: Undeveloped


Water on Site: Yes
Water Main Size: 6 IN
Sewer on Site: Yes
Sewer Main Size: 8 IN 
Gas on Site: Yes
Gas Main Size: 2 IN
Electric Provider: Georgia Power
*Customer will have choice of provider if load is above 900 kW


County Laborforce: 19,234
County Average Weekly Wage: $875
County Unemployment Rate: 3.2%


Nearest International Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, 53.1 miles
Nearest Interstate: I 20, 24.4 miles
Nearest Port 1: Port of Savannah, 273.7 miles
Nearest Port 2: Port of Brunswick, 293.8 miles
Nearest Intermodal: Whitaker Rail Yard, 35 miles
Rail Served: Yes
Rail Provider: Norfolk Southern